Super Stars Rewards


Who can become a Super Star Rewards member?

You need to be an individual over the age of 18 and have a current Australian residential address.

How do I register to become a Super Star Rewards member and does it cost anything?

You can join, become a Super Star, in 2 ways:

  • Download the SDC (Star Discount Chemist) App and follow the sign up process
  • Register via a Team Member at your local Star Discount Chemist store

Joining is free and there are no ongoing fees.

What are Super Star Reward Points?

Super Star Rewards Points are points that are earned by shopping at a participating Star Discount Chemist store. You can earn Points on all of your purchases excluding dispensary items (prescriptions), dispensary services, S3 products, delivery charges, gift cards, cash outs, lottery products or any other products deemed exclusions by law (excluded items).

At what rate do I earn Super Star Reward Points and Vouchers?

You will earn 3 Super Star Reward Points for every $1 that is spent in store (excluding the above stated excluded items).

There may also be occasions when additional points can be earned on either a single product, product range or your whole shop (excluding items mentioned above) Some of these offers may be exclusive and personalised to you based on your profile and will only be available via your SDC App.

Points earned will be rounded to the nearest even number of points.

You may also receive Vouchers from time to time to reward you for things like your Birthday, these will appear in the home page of your SDC App.

How do I earn Super Star Reward Points?

If you are shopping at a participating Star Discount Chemist store you need to scan your digital barcode located in your Star Discount Chemist App prior to the finalisation of the transaction. Should you forget your Smartphone team members are also able to 'Find Members' based on presentation of some type of identification to attribute your sale to your Rewards account.

What are Super Star Reward Vouchers?

From time to time you will be rewarded with a Super Star Reward Voucher. These Vouchers will display within your SDC App.

How and when can I redeem Super Star Rewards Points and Vouchers?

If you are shopping in a participating store you need to scan you digital barcode in the SDC App.

You can then request to redeem any existing points balance against your purchase (excluded items still apply) As an example, once you have earned 500 points you can redeem these points for $5 discount on your purchase. Please note: there is no minimum redemption amount, you may redeem Points on purchase whenever you choose.

You may also choose to redeem a Voucher that you have available in your SDC App, Vouchers must be used in whole and the purchase value must exceed (or be equal to) the value of the voucher. (excluded items still apply)

Will my Points and Vouchers expire?

Yes. Any earned points will expire in 365 days from their earn date if they are not used. Promotional Vouchers will have a 3 month expiry unless otherwise stated.

Where can I check my points balance?

By logging into your Smartphone App you can see your points balance and any valid Vouchers that are available to you.

Your points will also be displayed on your purchase receipt or you can ask our friendly staff in store to look up your balance for you.

Who do I contact for assistance if the store are unable to help?

Please send an email to our Super Star Rewards team at [email protected]

What restrictions apply to being a member of Super Star Rewards?

You can only have one Super Star Rewards Membership per person, and you can't transfer your membership to someone else.

Any rewards attributed to you based on your profile and purchase history are conditional on you purchasing normal household quantities - we reserve the right to apply purchase limits for the earning of these rewards.

Super Star Rewards may only be earned and used for personal and household use. You may not earn or use Super Star Rewards Points for any purchases on a charge account (i.e. where payment is not due upon completion of the transaction but only 30 days or some other agreed period thereafter) or for any other commercial purpose (which includes not-for-profit association purposes).

Super Star Rewards Points, Vouchers and discounts are personal to you and, unless we notify you otherwise, cannot be transferred to anyone else. They cannot be exchanged or refunded except as expressly set out in these T&Cs.

What are my responsibilities in relation to my membership?

Please keep your personal details updated by updating your 'My Account'

in the SDC App, emailing [email protected]. Without your personal details being up to date, we may not be able to provide you with Special benefits, and we may need to cancel your membership. Please treat your Star Discount Chemist App account password as your confidential information. You must take all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorised use or access to your Star Discount Chemist App, your account and information about your membership, including your account password.

How can I opt in and opt out of marketing communications?

Where you have not opted out from receiving marketing communications you agree that we may send you direct marketing communications and tailored advertising via various channels and media (including by email, SMS or mail).

You are able to opt-out of receiving direct marketing communications by modifying your communication preferences on your 'My Account' settings in your Rewards account. With electronic direct marketing communications (email or SMS), you may also use the opt-out/unsubscribe facility we provide in that communication. You can also opt out by emailing [email protected].

Regardless of whether you opt out of any and/or all marketing communications, you consent to still receive service based communications relating to your membership, including changes to Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, account transactions or important information (for instance system outages or recall notices relating to products or services you have acquired).

If you wish to opt out of receiving service based communications, this will cause your membership to be terminated. You will need to email [email protected] to terminate your membership and you will then no longer receive direct marketing communications or service based communications.


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